human contact

by Grankle

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Grankle told me the name of each track with a psychic blast. I've tried to interpret them as best as I could, or as best as I thought was morally responsible.

Made with cheap store-bought garbage, things found at the dump, pirated software, and the syphoned mental energy of the Edmontonians above her.

Grankle says she loves you and will be here long after you're dead.

All proceeds go to reducing the acidity of Edmonton's water.


released July 8, 2014

All songs written and produced by Grankle, the monster.
Uploaded by Bill.




Grankle Edmonton, Alberta

Grankle is a 900 kg psionic sewer monster making cute beats while between larval states. She's Edmonton's best kept secret.

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Track Name: hiding
The feeling of being perfectly hidden, the feeling of enjoying solitude.
Track Name: peeling
The feeling of getting rid of something you used to love, like that ikea bookshelf that doesn't fit in your new apartment, or your skin. The feeling of human breakups.
Track Name: sinking forever
The feeling of thinking about eternity, or a bottomless pit. The feeling of knowing you may never die.
Track Name: when you don't care who sees you
The feeling of freedom. It's easy to feel self-conscious. But when it rains all night, and the water level rises enough for you to slip out into the river, you look up at the ripples on the surface, and you swim like no one's watching.
Track Name: mating for life
The feeling of symbiosis, the feeling of love. How Grankle feels about her city, how Bill feels about his Stephanie.